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Tenth Grade
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Algebra II
COMPASS Instructional CD (Saxon Alg II 3rd ed.)
How does a student use a COMPASS CD?

Each lesson is stored as an individu
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Saxon Algebra II Set (3rd edition)
Algebra II includes intermediate algebraic concepts such as: graphical solution ...more
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Saxon Algebra II Solutions Manual (3rd edition)
This item is not part of the Saxon Algebra II 2nd Edition Set.

These manu
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Saxon Teacher Math Algebra II Lesson and Test CD's
Contains over 110 hours of Algebra 2 content, including instruction for every pa ...more
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Biology Solutions & Tests Book (2nd Edition)
This Solutions and Tests book contains: (1) answers to the Study Guide found at ...more
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Biology Text (2nd Edition)
Using a common-sense Christian approach to the study of Biology, Dr. Wile introd ...more
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Grammar 10
Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 10
In the Easy Grammar Ultimate course, students learn high school English grammar ...more
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Elegant Essay (3rd edition)
Piece by piece, The Elegant Essay walks students through the entire essay-buildi ...more
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Pocket Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation
Random House's completely revised best-selling guide to good English. Random Hou ...more
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Traditional Catholic Speller 10
Students will learn to spell hundreds of new words each year, including Catholic ...more
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Literature: Historical Novels II
Ballad of the White Horse (Lepanto Press)
This epic poem written by G K Chesterton is about the idealized exploits of the ...more
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By What Authority
Sir Nicholas is the rock-solid head of his household and a devout Catholic who h ...more
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Lances of Lynwood
Eustace is the younger brother of Sir Reginald, the lord of Lynwood castle and i ...more
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Red Badge of Courage
Young Civil War soldier Henry Fielding endures the nightmare of battle as he com ...more
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Catalog 2017
If you would like a complimentary catalog sent out, please email us at info@olvs ...more
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E-Z Grader (same in all grades)
Powerful enough to calculate grade percentages for up to 95 problems! This is a ...more
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Theology II
Holy Bible-Lepanto Press
Now with 34 illustrations depicting scenes from the Old and New Testament. This ...more
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Rosary Novena (Grs: 6-12)
Each day the student should say a family rosary with the help of the Rosary Nove ...more
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Through Christ Our Lord ANSWER KEY
Answers for all of the chapter review questions.

Softcover, coil binding,
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Through Christ Our Lord Text (Bk 2)
This highly acclaimed, doctrinally sound high school religion book, has been rep ...more
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Way of the Cross (Liguori)
According to the Method of St. Alphonsus Liguori, this little booklet is a repro ...more
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U.S. History
Catholics of the Confederacy (2011 edition)
This manuscript written by Michael Shumaker in 1999, and expanded in 2006 and 20 ...more
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Christ and the Americas ANSWER KEY
Answers to the questions and assignments for Christ and the Americas - Text Bo ...more
$8.00 Qty:
Christ and the Americas Text
This book gives proper attention to and an appreciation for the role of the Cath ...more
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Christ and the Americas Workbook
Note: This book is not assigned in the lesson plans, but offers extra help. A w ...more
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