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Curricular Descriptions

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The master theme of this year's studies will be to further develop the basic learning talents so the students can have a better understanding of all subjects. Please note: Most children start First Grade at approximately 5 1/2 to 6 years of age. We recommend that children who have not had any Kindergarten or pre-school training, enter our Kindergarten class before starting in First Grade. If they can handle the Kindergarten material easily, we can quickly move them to First Grade. First Grade is more difficult than the normal first grade curriculum in most other schools.

Religion: The tutor will teach this subject using Living in God's Love Text, a traditional catechism program reproduced from the 1940's, which is based upon the questions and answers of the Baltimore Catechism. The book provides a complete, integrated, and basic course in religion. The purpose is to ensure that the pupil has a clear and adequate knowledge of his holy faith. There will be six readers used. At first the tutor can read the booklets to the students. Later in the semester, the students can read the books by themselves (with a little help). Each day the students should say the rosary, and on Friday say the Stations of the Cross. Other books used: Living in God's Love Syllabus & Teacher's Manual; Living in God's Love Workbook; Living in God's Love Workbook Answer Key; Miniature Stories of the Saints (Set of 4 books); God Loves Us All; Good St. Joseph; The Rosary booklet; The Miracles of Jesus; The Way of the Cross booklet.

Arithmetic: The year will begin with a review of the math basics learned in grade Kindergarten. The students will then be challenged to expand their ability by increasing the size of the numbers worked for addition and subtraction until they are able to handle double digits. There will also be story problems to work. books used: Lepanto Math Level 1 Workbook; Lepanto Math Level 1 Answer Key; Arithmetic Instruction Manual; Drill Pages and Review 1.

Phonics and Reading: The phonics system of reading will be taught. The students will continue to learn the phonics letter sounds while developing their ability and vocabulary. The Phonics and Reading program will be centered around the Little Angel Reader series. In the Little Angel Reader B and C Texts, the students will learn letter-sound relationships systematically, beginning with the easiest letter-sounds. Word drills provide practice in decoding words containing the letter sound. Stories with phonetically-controlled vocabulary follow each word drill page. There will be phonics learning games, exercises, and tests to help the learning process. The Little Angel B & C Workbooks reinforce lessons from the readers with exercises in phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and handwriting. Progress Tests are included in the Little Angel B & C Teacher's Manuals to assess the student's mastery of skills after each review. Spectrum Phonics 1 is also assigned. Students will expand their reading ability by reading eleven more advanced basic readers, including the Catholic National Reader New Primer and Book One. Other books used: My First Prayer Book; My Life with God; My Day with Jesus; My Friend Jesus.

Spelling: A new work book, the Traditional Catholic Speller & Workbook 1, is assigned in the lesson plans for spelling and spelling-related activities. The student will learn to spell nearly 300 new words, a portion of which are Catholic words appearing in their catechism lessons. There are also inspiring Catholic poems for children to hear and later to read themselves. Other book used: Traditional Catholic Speller 1 Answer Key.


Handwriting: First, a review will be made of hand printing. Thereafter, most of the year will be spent on daily practice of handwriting form. book used: Catholic Writing Skills 1.


Science: This year's science study will consist of a curriculum centered on the work-text, Science & Living in God's World 1 Text. The world around us is presented through the fascinating story of creation, and God's care for it through the operation of His laws. Children find the other text, Seaside & Wayside Book 1, a fascinating look at various sea creatures. Abundant situations are provided for the children to observe the unfailing functioning of God's plans and laws in living and nonliving things. The students can read, or have read to them the delightful little stories contained therein. Other book used: Science & Living in God's World 1 Answer Key.


Grammar: Lepanto Grammar 1 & 2 Texts, and Lepanto Grammar 1 & 2 Teacher Manual provide key practice in basic English grammar and writing skills.


History: The history text, America My Country Text, is a forty-eight page work-text about the flag, America's founders, the Indians, the Pilgrims, Daniel Boone, Pioneers, transportation, etc. There are various activities throughout the book and pictures may be colored by the student.


Art: The students' artwork will consist of five religious coloring books, which can be used to reinforce the various subjects discussed in the religion lessons. books used: 24 Catholic Songs Coloring Book; Holy Name of Jesus Coloring Book; Stations of the Cross Coloring Book; Ten Commandments Coloring Book; Jesus Our Savior Book 2 Coloring Book.


Music: The student will be encouraged to learn the words to several Catholic songs and hymns, and American folk songs, and to sing them as often as possible. This will be in an effort to preserve the traditions of singing patriotic, folk, and old Catholic songs and hymns. Music book: Songs for God and Country Book, which includes all words and music to the professionally produced recording of the same name, available on both audiocassette and CD.