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The master theme of the Third Grade is to complete the process of learning those necessary primary skills learned thus far in Grades Kindergarten, 1 and 2. In many ways, it will be a year of tying up any and all loose ends from the primary years, with an emphasis on perfecting and focusing the core skills. The children will learn to apply traditional Catholic ideals to all their academic endeavors, as well as to their everyday lives. The aim of this year's curriculum, then, is to complete the learning of previously covered math and language skills, while preparing the children for the more challenging middle elementary grades and their concomitant topics and concepts.

Religion: This year, students will be reading and studying Living in Godís Grace, 3.  This is the third book in the Living My Religion Series. Living in Godís Grace Syllabus and Teacherís Manual 3 contains the answers to the exercises and tests assigned on the lesson plans. The authors of Living in Godís Grace hope to lead a child to appreciate grace so that he/she will always strive to live in Godís grace. The children will be reading some biblical stories and memorizing some Baltimore Catechism questions. Students will be reading selections from the Picture Book of Saints. The students will again be encouraged to say at least five decades of the rosary each day, and on Fridays, to say the Stations of the Cross. Other books used: The Rosary Booklet; The Way of the Cross Booklet; Book of Saints Part 1.

Arithmetic: This yearís study of arithmetic will cover new addition and subtraction facts; meanings of numbers to 10,000; adding and subtracting up to three figures; Roman numerals; subtracting two digit numbers with borrowing; multiplication and division using numbers up through eight, and many story problems. The textbook is Lepanto Math, Level 3 Workbook and the Answer Key.


Phonics and Reading: Now that the students have mastered the phonics rules, they will be encouraged to do a great deal more reading. They will read about the lives of some of the saints, and will enjoy the various selections of the Catholic National Reader 3. They will be tested for comprehension of subject matter. Students will continue to perfect their use of phonetics by reviewing the pronunciation rules and methods taught in the lower grades. In preparation for more advanced reading, students will be required to apply all of the phonics rules learned in previous years. Other books used: Book of Saints Part 2; CNR 3 Answer Key; Just Stories; More Saints of the Eucharist;  Mother of God Coloring Book; Our Lady of Fatima; Parables of Jesus; Promises of the Sacred Heart; Saints of the Eucharist; St. Francis of Assisi; and  St. Paul the Apostle.


Grammar & Spelling: In the work text, God Gave Me the Gift of Language 3 Text, the students will study the rules and then answer work problems on sentences, capitalization, punctuation, plurals, synonyms, antonyms, writing letters, using the dictionary, nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Spelling and spelling related activities will be assigned each week in the newly revised Traditional Catholic Speller & Workbook 3.  The students will practice penmanship in the Writing in Cursive Hand 3. Other books used: God Gave Me the Gift of Language 3 Answer Key, Traditional Catholic Speller 3 Answer Key.

History:  This course is a basic survey, from a Catholic perspective, of the discovery and settling of the new world as well as the growth of the colonies into a new nation. The period covered is from the Norse explorations through the American War for Independence. The, How Our Nation Began Text is a Lepanto Press reprint of an older Catholic text. Other books used: How Our Nation Began Text Book Answer Key; How Our Nation Began Workbook, How Our Nation Began Workbook Answer Key.

Science: This year's science course is presented in the same format as that of last year's, with a basic text, Science & Living in God's World 3 Text, supported by the more in-depth explanations and activities in the Science & Living in Godís World 3 Teacher's Manual. The eight topics to be covered this year will include: everyday science used in the design and building of a modern home; helping with the garden; establishing an aquarium; experimenting with electricity; studying the moon; enjoying life in the spring, how things around us work; and visiting a state park.  Other books used: Seaside & Wayside Book 3, Science & Living in Godís World 3 Quiz & Test Book.

Art: This year's art program will include the physical act of creating art on a basic level. Three Catholic coloring books are used in which the students are allowed to create their own color selections within pre-drawn religious drawings. The second part involves the appreciation of art by using the Art-Lit Reader, Primer & Book One, which contains numerous illustrations of art work in conjunction with prose and poetry. Other books used:  7 Sacraments and Works of Mercy Coloring Book; St. Frances Cabrini Coloring Book.

Music: The student will be encouraged to learn the words to several Catholic songs and hymns, and American folk songs, and to sing them as often as possible. This will be in an effort to preserve the traditions of singing patriotic, folk, and old Catholic songs and hymns. Music book: Songs for God and Country Book, which includes all words and music to the professionally produced recording of the same name, available on both audiocassette and CD.