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The master theme of the Fifth Grade is to continue emphasizing concepts requiring the child to apply higher level cognitive thinking and reasoning. This builds upon the previous year's exposure to the idea that concepts can, and should, be applied in various circumstances; and that this, rather than simple memorization of information, is true scholarship. Students will continue to practice applying knowledge they have learned, and will increasingly work in the abstract and the theoretical realms. Students will continue to fine-tune their study habits and, as in previous years, will continue to be encouraged to apply Catholic philosophy to their daily lives.

Religion: This year, students will be using Living Through God's Gifts,5.  This is the fifth book in the Living My Religion Series.  Living Through God's Gifts Syllabus and Teacherís Manual 5 contains the answers to the Exercises and Tests assigned on the Lesson Plans.  You may also want to read Preparation, Presentation and other suggestion for activities (such as starting a Project Book) in the Living Through God's Gifts Syllabus and Teacherís Manual 5.  These may help to teach the topics in the book.  The other part of religion for this year will be devoted to becoming more familiar with the old rite of the Mass, sometimes called the Tridentine Rite Mass. Students will learn about the prayers of the Mass, and about the best method of assisting at Mass, by studying The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Text. Some church history will be studied by reading short selections from the Picture Book of Saints. Each day the students should say the Rosary and on Friday, the Stations of the Cross. Other books used: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Answer Key; The Rosary Booklet; The Way of the Cross Booklet.

Arithmetic: Those students who successfully completed Saxon 54 in the Fourth Grade will be studying Saxon 65 this year. Saxon Publishers describes their mathematics program for this year as containing arithmetic content ranging from basic combinations, to arithmetic with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, including word problems, measurement, scale and graph reading. The three-book set Saxon 65 Set includes: Saxon 65 Textbook; Saxon 65 Tests & Worksheets Booklet;  Saxon 65  Solutions Manual.

Reading: Again this year, our students are encouraged to do a great deal of personal reading. It is our sincere hope that all students will develop and cultivate a love of good books and reading. This year, we continue with the Catholic National Reader Series, with assignments from the first half of the Catholic National Reader 5. Also assigned in the lesson plans are various books, including Blood Red Crescent (story of the Battle of Lepanto); Blue Gonfalon (story of the first crusade); The Good Master; Patron Saint of First Communicants.  Other book used: CNR 5 Answer Key.

Grammar & Spelling: This year, the Lepanto Grammar/Voyages in English format changes to the structure it will follow through the Eighth Grade: the first half of the text is dedicated to compositional activities, while the latter half of the book emphasizes the study of grammar. The compositional portion of the book emphasizes creative writing on a variety of topics and in diverse circumstances. The grammar portion deals with the different parts of speech, as well as sentences and punctuation. The student will learn to spell and know the meanings of hundreds of words, both of a religious and secular nature. Books used: Lepanto Grammar/Voyages 5 Text, Lepanto Grammar/Voyages 5 Teacher Manual; Lepanto Grammar/Exercises 5 Workbook, Lepanto Grammar/Exercises 5 Teacher Key; Traditional Catholic Speller & Workbook 5, Traditional Catholic Speller 5 Answer Key.  For extra phonics practice, Phonics Word Study F Workbook is available as an added option.


Science: The study of science this year will concentrate on animals, both with and without backbones, plants, the human body, weather forecasting, earth and space navigation, mechanical and heat energy, chemical and nuclear energy, electricity, using our natural resources wisely, and fossil records. This study will stress how God, as the Creator of all things, has designed our bodies as well as all matter around us in a wondrous way. Like the other elementary level science books, Science & Living in God's World 5 Text, is a revised reprint of an older Catholic text. Other books used: Science & Living in Godís World 5 Answer Key; Science & Living in Godís World 5 Test Booklet.

Handwriting:  Students will continue to practice and perfect their penmanship so that is is very neat and legible.  Workbook used: Writing in Cursive Hand 5.

History: The students will have an opportunity to study the older (1964) Catholic American History Textbook which was written by Monsignor Goebel and Sister Mary Richardine. The time period covered in the text runs from the discovery and exploration of America, through its colonization, independence, growth, division and eventual reunification, and culminating with its emergence as a world power in the 20th Century. Other books used: American History Test Booklet; American History Manual & Answer Keys.