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The master theme of the Eight Grade will be to develop in students all of their cognitive and affective skills learned up to this point, by applying principles, concepts, and ideals in a much wider field of study than they have had in the elementary grades. The students will now be required to make a special effort to thoroughly develop good study habits in preparation for the more difficult subject matter which they will encounter in the high school years. Even more so than the previous year, students will be prepared in earnest to enter the adult world as productive members of their community, able to steadfastly defend their Faith. As in all previous years, our students should be ready, willing, and deftly able to apply traditional Catholic principles in all circumstances of their daily lives.


This year, Book Eight of the Living My Religion Series, Living for Holiness, will be implemented. The student will learn the knowledge and the love of God that he can readily use in his daily life, and learn about the manifold graces that will come to him as a member of the Mystical Body of Christ.  This book uses the Baltimore Catechism to complete the study of catechetical questions and issues. Ultimately, though, the main emphasis for students will be on the living of their Faith. The student will also be assigned readings from the spiritual classic, My Imitation of Christ. Each day, the students should say the Rosary with the aid of The Rosary Novena Booklet, and on Fridays, say the Stations of the Cross from The Way of the Cross Booklet.  Other books used: Living for Holiness Syllabus & Teacher's Manual, Living for Holiness Unit Test Answer Key.

Arithmetic: This year the students will be using Saxon Algebra ½. Saxon has designed this text to render second nature the use of fractions, mixed numbers, and decimal numbers in all operations. It is also designed to facilitate procedures for solving simple word problems. The concepts of area, percent, ratio and order of operations are discussed at a much more in-depth level than in any year previous to this. The beginning concepts of algebra are practiced thoroughly, as well. The three-book set includes: Saxon Algebra ½ Textbook; Saxon Algebra ½ Test Forms; Saxon Algebra ½ Answer Key.  Saxon Algebra ½ Solutions Manual is also available, and strongly recommended.

Grammar: The Catholic School Edition series of Lepanto Grammar will be completed this year as the student is assigned various creative activities within the topics of public speaking, writing, telephone courtesy, drama, and reading good books. Lepanto Grammar 8 Text, like the texts of the previous three years, has a dedicated grammar portion in the latter part of the book. Grammatical concepts will be examined in much more detail, and the more complex aspects of English grammar will be studied. This study will be reinforced by assignments from the Lepanto Grammar 8 Workbook. As in all previous years, the student will learn to spell hundreds of new words, including Catholic terms, with their meanings. Other books used: Lepanto Grammar 8 Teacher's Manual; Lepanto Grammar 8 Answer Key; Traditional Catholic Speller & Workbook 8, Traditional Catholic Speller 8 Answer Key.

Literature We continue to encourage the students to read good books. Two new books will be introduced to our program this year. The books to be read include: Men of Iron by Howard Pyle which is a story of the days of chivalry and knighthood in England in the fourteenth century; Grisly Grisell which is a heart-warming tale of perseverance, swift battles and numerous displays of true virtue; and a historical novel about the suppression of the Catholic Faith in the British Isles, Outlaws of Ravenhurst by Sister Imelda Wallace, S.L.  The second half of the Catholic National Reader 6, with its beautiful stories and stirring poetry, will be studied for a significant portion of this academic year, as well.  Other book used: CNR 6 Study Guide with Answer Key.


World History This course of World History, based on the text, The Old World & America Text, will give the student a thorough understanding of the Catholic roots of our Western Civilization. Beginning with the fall from Paradise, this book covers ancient times, the Greek and Roman world, the coming of Christ and the founding of the Catholic Church, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Protestant Revolt, and the exploration and colonization of the New World. Christ and the saints are presented as great historical figures in their proper surroundings in time, bringing alive the Church's impact on our society and culture. Frequent exercises reinforce learning and many pictures acquaint the student with the most famous persons and events of the Western world. OLVS has also developed an Old World & America Answer Key.

Science: Capping Our Lady of Victory's elementary-level science program is Science & Living in God's World 8 Text. Continuing in much the same manner -- with a similar format -- as last year's science course, this year's topics are arranged and covered so as to afford the students a good general grounding in a variety of topics before advancing to high school science. Specifically, the 7th and 8th grade science courses are a more rudimentary introduction to many of the topics that will be covered in-depth in the Physical Science course offered in the OLVS 9th grade curriculum. This year's topics include the study of animals and the Animal Kingdom; human physiology and anatomy, with the emphasis on the respiratory and nerve systems; energy and its many forms; and machines and the work they do. Other books used: Science & Living in God's World 8 Quiz Booklet, Science & Living in God’s World 8 Answer Key.