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The master theme of the Twelfth Grade will be to complete the secondary educational formation of students, most evident in their pre-disposition to gauge everything by the yardstick of Catholic principles. Students will be encouraged in this last year, through the curriculum, to hone their higher cognitive and affective skills which they have developed. Emphasis will be placed on the use of these skills in discovering, and embarking upon, the vocation which God has pre-ordained for them. Students will understand more fully just how their abilities and skills can be exploited to focus on the challenging task of applying principles, concepts, and ideals toward the ultimate discovery of God's plan for each of them. Moreover, as they prepare themselves for their vocations, they will work toward becoming productive members of their communities, equipped with all the tools and information to allow them to defend their Faith and apply traditional Catholic principles and values, no matter where their vocation leads them.

Theology: In this last year of the Our Questfor Happiness religion series, the discussion of the Four Last Things raisesthe question of the future, the sacraments of Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, andMatrimony, and of the Apocalypse. The life of the Blessed Mother fits in heremost admirably as God presents to us, in her, the perfect example of those whowish to succeed in the quest for happiness, and the perfect model in thepractice of all the virtues. This fourth book,Toward the Eternal Commencement Text, was originally written as a 12thgrade text, to act as a last inoculation of strength and faith against the illsof the world. But Our Lady of Victory school determined that the current crisisin the Church could best be overcome by a further strengthening of ouryoungsters in the defense of their Faith. Accordingly, we introduced adedicated Apologetics course into the senior year curriculum, placing this book,Toward the Eternal Commencement Text, in the 11th Grade. The text helpsour juniors look into the future,while dealing beautifully with "The Great Choice," as our teen-agedchildren prepare, with Our Lord's illumination, to discover their state in lifewhich God has pre-ordained for them. This course gives our young Catholics theprinciples they need to build a better world. The last unit of the text, Unit Vis an introduction to apologetics, in preparation for next year's in-depthcourse.  Other booksused: Toward the Eternal Commencement Answer Key, The Rosary NovenaBooklet, The Way of the CrossBooklet, The Douay-RheimsNew Testament.

N.B.: Students on our old religion track may take our Philosophy Elective: This course is a philosophic defense and explanation of the Catholic Religion, presenting a clear and logical statement of the reason behind the Catholic Religion. Every Catholic has a duty to investigate the reasonableness of his religion and to be prepared to explain it to non-Catholics. The students who successfully complete this course will be sufficiently prepared not only to defend his Faith, but also to explain it to those good-willed individuals who truly desire more information. In order to train our students to argue logically and persuasively, and to answer common questions proposed by Catholics and non-Catholics alike, we use both Apologetics Text by Monsignor Glenn, and the accompanying Apologetics Study Guide (Take Off Your Shoes). Since Apologetics is a verbal or oral discipline, students will be occasionally required to make tapes of assignments for OLVS tutor review.  Other books used: The Rosary Novena Booklet, The Way of the Cross Booklet.

Advanced Mathematics II This course covers the second half of the Saxon Advanced Mathematics text, the first half of which was covered in the Eleventh Grade. This course should be attempted by only those students who have completed Saxon Algebra I, and the first half of the Saxon Advanced Mathematics course. Topics include: parabolas, binomial expansions, trigonometric identities, logarithms, exponential equations, equations of the hyperbola and ellipse, convergent geometric series, matrix addition and multiplications, graphing of factored polynomial functions, inverse matrices, use of the graphing calculator, and much more. The student edition contains answers to odd-numbered problems. The 3 book set includes:  Saxon Advanced Math Text, Saxon Advanced Math Answer Key, and Saxon Advanced Math Test Booklet.  Saxon Advanced Math Solutions Manual is also available, and strongly recommended.

Literature:  This year, the students will read Initiation by Robert Hugh Benson, the story of Sir Neville Fanning’s conversion. Denying the cross again and again, he couldn’t bear to suffer – even though at every turn Our Lord constantly called him to Himself.  His “initiation” (submitting to God’s will) is a beautiful story of how the surrender was asked – and then won in the end.   Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott, takes place after the Norman Conquest, at a time when people truly believed that the will of God was the final authority among men. A fascinating tale of the young noble, Ivanhoe, returned home from the Crusades to claim his inheritance and love of his childhood friend – but nothing good comes without struggle. He becomes involved in the struggle for the crown and befriends Robin Hood and his merry men, and is forced to trial by combat.  The Virginian is a novel by Owen Wister. This is the story of a folk-hero who becomes successful because of individualistic virtues and not because of class or family inheritance.  It is the “first fully realized cowboy hero in American literature, a near-mythic figure whose idealized image has profoundly influenced our national consciousness.” Beowulf - a new verse translation by Seamus Heaney. Composed towards the end of the first millennium, Beowulf is the classic Northern epic of a hero’s triumphs as a young warrior and his fated death as a defender of his people. The poem is about encountering the monstrous, defeating it and then learning from that struggle to live on despite adversities and follow the high and difficult path of heroic virtue until death. It is not hard to draw parallels in this story to the dilemmas of life, particularly in the twentieth century, but the poem also transcends such considerations, telling us psychological and spiritual truths that are permanent and liberating.


Grammar/Research Paper: This final year, students will focus on the task of thoroughly researching a subject, completing each necessary step, one at a time, in the compilation and writing of a term paper, then to present it in an attractive way. To develop these skills, the students will utilize and study the text, The Research Paper Text. The Research Paper Answer Key is also available. The students will also read and study, Catholic Book of Character and Success by Edward F. Garesche. Through this treatise, the Catholic adolescent will learn, among other things, how to use criticism prudently, how to discipline the imagination, and how to tell the difference between pleasure and happiness. Abounding in wisdom, the advice proffered in these pages will help readers deal with practical problems faced by all those who try to genuinely live according to the noble precepts of our Holy Catholic Faith. In Spelling, using the Traditional Catholic Speller 12, the students will again learn hundreds of words and their meanings, including many words of exclusively Catholic or ecclesiastical significance.

Civics: To become good adult citizens, students must learn about the basic functions of government. In addition, as Catholics, they must understand their duties and responsibilities to authority in general, and to society as a whole. They should further comprehend the position of the Church regarding moral exercise of government. Students will come away from this course with a firm understanding of their obligations to be fulfilled as citizens. In order to accomplish this, Our Lady of Victory's staff has written a timely and updated Catholic Civics book entitled Christian Citizenship Text. It will be read and studied in conjunction with Mr. Michael Davies' booklet, The Reign of Christ the King, and with The Measuring Tape Text, by Mr. Frank Denke. This Civics course will prepare our prospective graduates for living their Catholic Faith in the world, without being of the world. As such, it is a required course for graduation from OLVS.  Other books used: Christian Citizenship Answer Key, Measuring Tape Answer Key, Catholic Action for Christ Our King Text, and Catholic Action for Christ Our King Answer Key.

Health Science: In various science courses previously studied, the students have received small portions of scientific information that pertained to his own body and health. The students will now study more directly the subject of personal health; being encouraged to develop good health habits which should be of great benefit to the students as they grow into adulthood and become completely responsible for their own health. After all, as Catholics we know that our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost. The textbook, **Review Text in Health Text, was written by a religious brother and a sister.  Additionally, a basic knowledge of first aid will be gained by the study of the booklet First Aid Essentials.   Other books used: Review Text in Health Answer Key.