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PledgeIt seems nowadays that there are burgeoning numbers of novel opinions and "philosophies" of education, from secular and Catholic educators alike. At Our Lady of Victory School, we believe that there is only one philosophy of education: the touchstone of Magisterial teaching of Holy Mother Church. We began offering home study courses in 1977 based completely on traditional Catholic teachingThe Papal Blessing of John Paul II hangs on the wall here in our offices as a "pledge of heavenly favors."  Our Lady of Victory School, a subsidiary of the League of St. Michael, Inc., and a private non-profit organization established by Roman Catholic laymen, was the first to offer a Catholic home school curriculum. From the beginning, OLVS stressed Religion as the common thread throughout the curriculum, with an accent on the history of the Church.  We have also emphasized the importance of good Catholic literature, and we are revising our Music program to teach young children the appreciation of Folk, Classical, and Sacred Music, including polyphony and chant.   
                                                                                                                   Mrs. Charlottle Jones
Our philosophy of education is simply as the Church has stated from time immemorial, and as defined by Pope Pius XI in his encyclical, On the Christian Education of Youth: "Education consists  essentially in preparing man for what he must be and for what he must do here below, in order to attain the sublime end for which he was created." Accordingly, OLVS believes that the safest road for our Faith to travel is that road which was gloriously traveled by the saints and the holy popes of our Church for over 1900 years.  We are proud to say that over  14,000 families use Our Lady of Victory School's materials and that we have over 1,500 students enrolled worldwide. Most of those enrolled are in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Here is what some parents have had to say over the twenty years of Our Lady of Victory's work:
"As our daughter nears the end of her high school education, we wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you Our Lady of Victory School for providing a truly Catholic curriculum to homeschoolers. When we began your program in 1999, I did so hesitantly.  Some of our closest friends (and some not so close) condescendingly questioned our decision to homeschool.  Questions loomed in my head about socialization, isolation, and whether I was capable of teaching my own child.  (I was a certified teacher, but had doubts about educating my own daughter!)  After one month of homeschooling, however, when I asked my daughter if she ever wanted to go back to public school, the answer was an emphatic, “No!”  May God be praised because I felt the same way!  I was no longer hesitant, but completely convinced, that Our Lady of Victory was the answer to many prayers.  Ten years later, I am still convinced.  That is not to say that there were not days I dreaded grading papers or reading one more time about Christopher Columbus; lamenting over knowing the difference between a predicate nominative and a direct object; or scurrying around to gather up needed items for experiments that would aid the budding scientist in removing the finish from my good eating utensils.  Even these things were made easier because of the completeness of Our Lady of Victory’s lesson plans and answer keys (with the exception of the eating utensil, for which I do not hold you responsible!).  On behalf of my husband and I, we sincerely thank you for providing this program for parents like us.  Thank you for your excellent tutors.  Thank you for your always friendly staff.  Thank you to your employees for promptly sending books that I needed and had neglected to order when I enrolled my children.  Thank you for the good traditional Catholic materials to teach our children the one, true faith.  But most of all, thank you for aiding us in our foremost intention for homeschooling—to raise a pure and unselfish Catholic daughter.  Deo Gratias!" (from a family in Idaho)




"My husband and family are very thankful for your efficiently run home school program. It was the starting of home schooling in your program eight years ago (with my first child) that I really learned my faith for the first time. I can honestly say I knew next to nothing, even after going through Catholic schools. I didn't even know who the Pope was! Your catechism program is the best. I know my faith because of it. Thanks be to God. Now my husband has converted (after many daily rosaries and the green scapular on his side of the bed.) He leads the rosary each night. Our home is enthroned to the Sacred Heart. We have truly been blessed. Deo Gratias. So, I happily share some of our blessings with your heaven sent school and I hope to share more for wherever it is needed most." (From a family in Indiana)

"God blessed us with six children that we educated in Catholic teaching and all the care we could. However, our children attended public schools and even the older attended a [Catholic] religious institution...the results have not been those we expected. They are not bad children, no, but they are not truly Catholic in the spiritual sense of that term. This is why we decided to register our fourth [primarily French-speaking] child in your school. We know the adaptation won't be easy because [our child] has to learn English at the same time he has to study his 7th grade lessons. This is a challenge that we are ready to undertake and [our son] is conscious that we took this decision for the best of his future, and possibly of his eternity. With less than two months of studying, we observed a major change in [our son's] attitude. He easily learns English, he enjoys the method with which the lessons are prepared, and most of all, his thinking is changing in a very favorable way. We could almost say that we can already perceive the graces and blessings of Our Lady of Victory. We are very grateful to you for the nice work you accomplish. May God bless you." (From a family in Quebec, Canada)

"I would like you to know how much we appreciate the lesson plans and books we received from you. We pray, that with your help, we may never have to send our children to public school. I know that without your materials, I would never have been able to home school this past year and again this fall. We have five children, six years old and younger, so time is short around here. Your lesson plans gave me more time to spend with the younger ones and still do a good job of teaching my 1A and 1B students." (From a mother in North Dakota)

"God bless your work! It's wonderful to have our children out of the public school and learning their Catholic faith in all their lessons. Thanks be to God!" (from a family in Indiana)

Mr. William Bowman"At first my parents were very set against this whole idea, but now they see the positive behavior of our children and their fine progress. My mother is especially impressed by how well C... reads for only six years old. The phonics method is the only method that gives the proper results. Thank you for your kind remarks. " (From a family in New York)

"Once again, thank you for your continued patience and generosity. I'm sure Jesus, Mary and Joseph will richly reward you. I tell everyone how very pleased we've been with Our Lady of Victory School. Thank you for your excellent program and tutors. May God help and bless us all as we struggle on fighting the good fight. Please pray for us and we'll remember you in our rosaries." (From a family in New Hampshire)